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1. Different lighting effects:
Various data show that different wavelengths of light can meet different light transmission requirements. The product has two wavelengths of 670nm and 830nm, which can meet the needs of different parts. 60 660nm red light beads, 60 830nm infrared light beads, a total of 120 light beads.
2. Two pulse modes: 10HZ and 40HZ, respectively. Pulse refers to the flashing light of a certain frequency, which can give the skin time to dissipate heat. Studies have shown that low skin temperature can improve the penetration of red light. In addition, 10HZ is a frequency that is beneficial to the human body, and 40HZ is a frequency close to the frequency of human brain waves. It can affect the entrainment of human brain waves through frequency pulses, thereby improving the effect of treating brain diseases.
3. High quality and lightweight:
Low light decay and long service life. Foldable and portable, it's lightweight at only 133g (4.7oz). Use without burden.
4. Convex optical design:
The convex lamp beads can make the light more concentrated and make the light travel in a straight line. It can reach the hair follicles of l-3mm, activate the hair follicle, and let it re-enter a healthy growth phase. Pure physical therapy with no side effects.
5. Automatic timing function:
Automatically shut down after 20 minutes of power on, do not worry about excessive treatment. If you need to pause during use, you can long-press the switch to turn it off. It is recommended to use it for 20 minutes each time, 3-4 times a week
6. Function:
The red light therapy cap can promote the proliferation of brain cells. Accelerates cell energy metabolism, relaxes the brain, improves the effect of treating brain diseases, and relieves insomnia. Headache symptoms, etc. It also reduces scalp oil production, reduces hair fall, promotes hair growth, restores a healthy cycle of hair growth, and repairs damaged hair.
1,Do not wash and avoid water contact with plugs and connectors.t is recommended to use professional clearers for wiping
2,please use the matching power cord for charging.
3,When used with a power bank, the product will be limited by the power of the power bank device, and the power and brightness will be significantly Reduced
4,Avcid squeezing and cover-bending the product when using it

Quality and Technical Certification
This product has applied for patent protection, Do not rrisoppropricle and imitate without authorization. 

Type: VisICle light tor human eyes are about 400~800 nm, Half of the light on the hat Is 830nm invisible infrared light. You can use a power meter to test whether the light is bright


The product connects to the controller
Plug in the power cord (Please select according to the plug specifications used in your country)
Long press the switch to turn it on or off 
Put the hat on the head

Product name:
ed light therapy hat  
Numbor of led light:60pcs*660nm, 6Opcs*830nrn. Total 120pcs ted lights 
Product perimeter:25.6in/65cm
Product diamete:7.87n/20cm
Product weight:4.7ounce/133g

Due to manual measurement error between 0.4-0.8 inch

1. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-3cm.
2. If there is any problem with the product, please leave a message before giving a bad review. Thank you for your understanding.

Led Red Light Therapy Device for Head Scalp Care Migraine Relief Red Light 660nm

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