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suitable for: PC/laptop

compatible with: 64bit Windows8.1/10/11

capacity: 5TB Capacity HDD,4TB/5TB

With USB: Yes

Types of: Portable game HDD

Type4: Retro Game Console

Type3: Portable External Game Had Drive

Type2: emulator game console

Type1: video game console

Type: Consumer Electionics

System Type: Game System 3 in 1

System: LaunchBox,Retrobat,Playnite

PC System: Windows 10

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Hyper Base Mix

Model Number: Hyper Base Mix

HDD Enclosure: SATA 3.0 to USB 3.0

HDD: 6GB/s

Games: 60000+ Games

Game Types 8: PS2 games

Game Types 7: WiiU games

Game Types 6: Wii games

Game Types 5: PS3 games

Game Types 4: PS4 games

Game Types 3: 60 AAA Games

Game Types 2: 10101 3D Games

Game Types 1: 50490+Retro games

Emulators: 80+ Emulators,For PS4/PS4/Gamecube/PS1/PS2 etc

Compatible Brand/Model: PC

Brand Name: JMachen

Accessories Type: Motherboard

Mix 5T HDD LaunchBox/Retrobat/Playnite Portable External Game Hard Drive

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