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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Tuya Smart Gateway

Feature 9: Hub ZigBee Smart Life

Feature 8: zigbee Hub

Feature 7: Hub

Feature 6: Tuya Hub

Feature 5: Tuya ZigBee Hub Gateway

Feature 4: Hub ZigBee Tuya

Feature 34: ZigBee Wireless multi mode Gateway

Feature 33: Tuya ZigBee Gateway Wireless

Feature 32: Wireless ZigBee Gateway

Feature 31: Tuya ZigBee Bluetooth Gateway

Feature 3: Tuya ZigBee Hub

Feature 29: ZigBee 2.4GWiFi Gateway

Feature 28: Smart Home Gateway

Feature 27: Tuya Smart Hub

Feature 26: ZigBee Bluetooth Gateway

Feature 25: Tuya ZigBee Gateway Szkoston

Feature 24: Tuya Bluetooth Gateway

Feature 23: Bluetooth Gateway

Feature 22: ZigBee Hub Tuya

Feature 21: Tuya Gateway ZigBee

Feature 20: ZigBee Gateway Multi Mode

Feature 2: Hub ZigBee

Feature 19: Gateway 3

Feature 18: ZigBee Gateway Tuya

Feature 17: Multi Mode Gateway

Feature 16: Gateway ZigBee Tuya

Feature 15: Gateway ZigBee

Feature 14: Gateway

Feature 13: Tuya Gateway

Feature 12: ZigBee Gateway

Feature 11: Smart Home Hub

Feature 10: Smart Hub

Feature 1: ZigBee Hub

Certification: CE

Brand Name: SZKOSTON

Tuya ZigBee Smart Gateway Hub Bluetooth Multi-mode Smart Life APP Wireless

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